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What is a
Land Code?
Why do we want a
Land Code?
How do we develop our
Land Code?
How do we vote for our
Land Code?

We are pleased to introduce our new Penelakut Tribe 

Land Code development and information website. 


As part of Penelakut Tribe's continuing efforts to protect our lands and resources, we are developing a Land Code under the the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management.  Penelakut Tribe became a signatory to the Framework Agreement in April 2017.

A Land Code is the basic land law of Penelakut Tribe and, if passed by our membership in 2019, will replace the land management provisions of the Indian Act as they relate to Penelakut Tribe reserve lands.

In short, by passing our Land Code​ we exercise our inherent rights and regain the legal jurisdiction to govern our lands and resources. In fact, under our Land Code, 33 sections of the Indian Act (almost 25%!!!) will cease to apply to our lands!  As a result, the department of  Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada ( CIRNA ... the old INAC) will no longer be involved in the day to day decisions of our reserve lands and resources.



The Land Code process is entirely community driven. 

Our Land Code is by  Penelakut for Penelakut!


For our Land Code vote to be successful, we need all voting members (community members on & off reserve, 18 yrs of age and older) to vote.  This history-making achievement cannot happen without you. 

Please update your contact information with us so that we can send you important information and voting packages.  The information you share with us is confidential and will not be shared outside of the band office.

Please use the form below to update your contact information.  Thank you!

Penelakut Tribe is a signatory  to the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management.  As a signatory, once we vote to enact our own land code we are able to regain control of our reserve lands and resources, free of government interference in the day to day decisions on our lands.  We can accomplish this through our LAND CODE.